Horizontal Scroll: Minimum Requirements    Windows 98®   Pentium II ®   256 MB of RAM   10 GB hard disk space   VGA Monitor    CD-ROM Drive    Uninterruptible Power Supply   ..(UPS) battery back-up      	Recommended   Windows 2000® or Windows  ...XP.Professional®   Pentium III® or higher    50 GB hard disk space   512 MB or higher RAM   SVGA Monitor   CD-ROM Drive    Uninterruptible Power Supply.(UPS) battery back-up

IAS POMs Software has certified compatibility with the following operating systems.


Windows 98


Windows 2000 - Professional and Server Versions


Windows XP - Professional Version


In order to certify compatibility of Microsoft's Windows platforms with IAS POMs Software's applications, a series of tests are performed. These tests are performed on specified versions of Microsoft's platforms.
For technical information and instructions on setting up workstations and servers in these supported environments, please download and refer to the listed document in our Install and Conversion Guide. You will need the Adobe Arcobat Readerr™ to view this file.
Before you install or update our software read our statement on Using IAS POMs Software.


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