IAS POMs Weighbridge for Oil Palm Industries
On-line Weighing /Standardize FFB Grading /Purchase & Sales Entry /FFB Delivery & Payment Statement/Real Time Management Information/Weight Calibration / MPOB Compliance Reports

An integrated weighing system module that gives you the power and flexibility you demand. Increase proficiency and reduce administration costs through automation.


IAS POMs Weighbridge for Palm Oil Mills
On-line Weighing / Standardize FFB Grading /Purchase & Sales Entry /FFB Payment Statement/FFB Marketing Strategy/Contract Master/Customer Invoicing/ Real Time Management Information /MPOB Compliance Reports/Audit Trail (Optional)
An integrated weighing module that help you tighten weighing control, track FFB purchase, CPO & PK Sales, that enable management planning, monitoring and control of their businesses with real time information. Easy, fast and accurate FFB payment processing and customers invoicing. Empower the FFB purchasing department to negotiate and re-negotiate with FFB suppliers on better pricing and quality terms. Efficiency automation software that provides better control to the management with reduces administration cost. The ease of setting up accounting code in the IAS POMs Weighbridge system allows Sales and Purchases data to be integrated back to IAS POMs Accounting system.




IAS POMs Store & Maintenance for Palm Oil Mills

Inventory Control For Direct & Indirect Stock Items / Station & Machine Management For Inventory Usage / Purchase Order-for Direct & Indirect Stocks / Delivery Order-Invoicing Flows / Issuance

The IAS POMs Store & Maintenance system that completely integrates purchases and issuance data with the back office IAS POMs Accounting. The IAS POMs Store & Maintenance system helps company to integrate their inventories (or stocks) with the purchasing and issuance activities for direct and indirect stock items. Fulfill orders more quickly and accurately with a control flow from purchase order to delivery order to invoices capturing. Reduce Operations cost and increase efficiency in warehouse operations and cost centers management from stations to machines that adopts activity based costing method to track costs of running cost of equipments (including its maintenance costs). Standardize allocation methods, inventory movements, picking methods, and inventory locations. Synchronized operation between departments, from order capture to inventory replenishment that helps to reduce the inventory holding cost.

  IAS POMs Payroll for Palm Oil Mills
Personnel Administration /Payroll Management / Time Management
IAS POMs Payroll system is part of the many suites of components of IAS POMs solution that may be purchased as a Companion Product or as a Stand Alone solution. Targeted for the Human Resource (HR) Department, it allows better handling and management of the entire workforce in an enterprise.  Payroll processing becomes a brisk especially when it involves the computation of overtime pay where the attendance of the staff are electronically registered and
their overtime is automatically computed with great accuracy using the Employee Time Attendance System.
By setting up accounting code in the IAS POMs Payroll system allows salaries and wages data to be integrated back to IAS POMs Accounting system.

IAS POMs Accounting & Management Reports for Palm Oil Mills
General Ledger /Account Payable / Account Receivable / Bank Reconciliation / Budget Allocation
IAS POMs Accounting system helps company to streamline many key business processes that may result in increased efficiencies and reduction in operational cost. The system allows authorized users to identify access and analyze information at ease to respond to market needs & customer demands. IAS POMs Accounting system can be customized to fit the unique requirements of individual company.




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