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“The system is user friendly and easy to operate. New users can operate the system within a few hours and fluently within a few days.”


“Real time reports can be retrieved instantly by pressing few buttons. Reports generated by the system are very useful for decision-making.”


The system helps to speed up the receiving and dispatching operation. Processing FFB payments has never been so easy and fast. No more of un-invoices tickets for out dispatches.”


“Overtime cost for weighbridge department has reduced significantly since the introductions of the POM system as weighbridge clerk now have less paperwork.”


“The system is protected by password; therefore, unauthorized person cannot get access to the system.”


“The Audit trails help us to track weighing tickets effortlessly and let our management have a peace of mind.”


“We are able to see our FFB Buying pattern and Suppliers delivery qualities. We can easily assign Paid OER to our FFB Suppliers. These help us in our FFB marketing strategies.”


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